Ignis — Sic Transit Gloria Mundi void|001


4 panel digipack printed on reverse board, accompanied by a 16 page booklet with artwork and lyrics + sticker.

Strong, powerful debut album, which included early compositions recorded in 2011 and remastered in 2018.
Recommended for listening to fans of Austere, Wolves in the Throne Room, Oathbreaker, Altar of Plages and early Deafheaven.

No Clean Singing
"The slower, softer, and more wistful passages in the music, which are well-placed, provide breaks in what might otherwise be the kind of overwhelming experience that would leave a listener rung-out and on the brink of despair. Those interludes are beautiful, but even in the most propulsive onslaughts, beauty is to be found, sometimes of the kind that soars in heart-swelling displays of panoramic grandeur and penetrating grief. And don’t miss the soloing in “To the Shining of Black Spheres”, which is spectacular."

Occult Black Metal Zine
"Ignis are a very great sounding atmospheric post black metal band and if you are a fan of this musical genre, you should check out this album. RECOMMENDED TRACKS INCLUDE "Wild Hunt" and "Meet The Savior!". 8 out of 10."

Head-Banger Reviews
"Sitting through the entirety of “Sic Transit Gloria Mundi” can feel like a real tour de force of what it means to be an atmospheric black metal band from top to bottom with every essential trait being executed wonderfully, yet still with a fair amount of room for improvement."

Heiðnir Webzine
"Le trio russe a fait les choses en grand pour la sortie de son nouvel album, cinq ans après la sortie de sa dernière production. Riche et très efficace, Sic Transit Gloria Mundi n’a aucun mal à se faire une place de choix parmi les albums qui pourraient avoir une importance au cours de l’été. C’est un retour intéressant de la part du groupe. Quant à Depths of Void, on espère de tout cœur avoir à nouveau l’occasion de se pencher sur des sorties tout aussi réussies…"

Acta infernalis - Deathliger's Reviews
"Ignis offers a really instructive experience with Sic Transit Gloria Mundi. This sink into darkness allows to feel the different emotions that the band’s riffs are filled with, and there’s an instant transmission."