Karg — Dornenvögel void|003


Numbered collectible edition in the format of an white audio cassette with two-sided pad printing, 6-panel booklet, slipcase and sticker.
Limited edition 100 black and 100 white cassettes.

DORNENVÖGEL was written & recorded between January and June 2018
Songwriting, Lyrics & Artwork by J.J.
Band Picture by Kristmort
Owls & Skulls by Asep Yasin
All Songs by KARG

Guest Vocals:
„La Tristesse Durera Toujours“ by Dominik (Downfall Of Gaia)
„Petrichor“ by L.G. (Ellende)
„L‘Appel Du Vide“ by Tom (Ancst)
„Meine Freiheit war ihr Tod“ by Purch (Instant Karma)
„F 19.5“ by Thomas (Lûs)
„Heimat bist du tiefster Winter“ by Alex (Amer)
„Advent“ by Whyrhd (Lunar Aurora)